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ThumzApp is a fun social opinions network where you keep up on current events & compete with friends and others by voting on hot topics around your favorite celebrities, sports, TV shows, lifestyle, politics, and more.

Go BEYOND just reading, likes or comments

Competing with others is fun and simple!
When you swipe either up ⬆️ or down ⬇️ toward your preferred answer inside a topic (psst... try multiple fingers 😉), you select your position and let the world know where you stand.

And since each swipe is a vote (more swipes = higher number of votes), you show everyone just how passionate 🔥 you are about a particular topic or issue.

The more thumbs-up you give a topic, the higher up its Leaderboard you go. And as you vote, certain topics have surprises and hidden rewards for its top voters, such as free movie passes, gift cards and discounts to places you love to eat, shop and play.

Be in the know and stay woke

Download the app, breeze through the categories you’re interested in and always be in the know. ThumzApp’s editorial team keeps you smart by bringing you up-to-date hot topics you want to be aware of and the issues you care about. Take a stand and have your opinions matter and noticed. FOMO, no more!✋ Be informed. Stay informed. Be counted.

Discover like-minded friends

Find out where your friends really stand on the topics & interests you are passionate about. See which of your friends share the same views on things and make new friends with others who are passionate about the same things you are.

Keep it spicy! Challenge your friends by outvoting (outswiping🤔?) them and beating them to the top of the leaderboard.🏆 Show the world which celeb you think is GOAT. Or make your voice heard about a legislative bill that’s up for vote. Or put a stake in the ground on who you think is the best clutch quarterback.

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the FUTURE of news interaction is NOW


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We are a Silicon Valley based, technology-media company with the mission of providing a platform for one billion people where they can vote on a wide range of topics and be the cause for actionable results.

ThumzApp solves the well-known user-news interaction problem presently existing across all platforms and channels from news/TV media to social networks.

Passive readers convert into engaged, interactive customers with ZERO chance for offensive language and stirred up online fights.


We adapted a well proven multifaceted business model connecting brands, media and people in a mutually beneficial, friendly environment full of passion, interests and fun:


ThumzApp provides a unique opportunity for brands to obtain valuable, up-to-date, real-time user feedback statistics directly from their customers on products, services and more.


Our editorial team of seasoned journalists curate the most popular topics in a variety of categories such as sports, politics, celebrity, entertainment, TV shows, style, etc.

We also work with media companies to expand their reader base with our audience and in turn provide their high quality content to our users.


ThumzApp mobile app, the social opinions network, gives Millennial and older Gen-Z entertainment, lifestyle, sports and political news junkies an empowering and engaging way to take a stand on the issues and news that they care about most and have their passions heard, and rewarded.

ThumzApp Team

Adnan Boz
Lily Boz
Product UI/UX
Tuncay Buyukoglu
Ozgur Soner
Bimal Sangari
Business Development
Lulu Mae
Entertainment Paw-ficer